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Puppy Buyers Page

The purpose of this page is to help you with the buying/adoption process of your new Basenji puppy.
Basenjis are not for everyone and take a certain kind of owner to handle their strong independance and destructiveness. Below is required reading for potential puppy buyers.

Step 1. Is this the right breed for you?
Please visit these very informative sites.
So you think you want a Basenji?
Couresty of the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club
Are you suitable to be owned by a Basenji?
By Mzalia Basenjis with TONS of great link to help you decide.

Step 2. Raising a puppy and YOUR responsibilities.
Buying a puppy is a lifetime commitment. Are you ready to devote 15 years to your new family member?
Is everyone in your household involved in this committment?
Joys and Frustrations of new puppies

Step 3. Finding a reputable breeder
YOU should have just as many questions to ask breeders as they have to ask you.
Below is a link to help you understand the breeders role.
What to ask a breeder Written by Wanda Pooley and distributed by the Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Also, in the left column above I have taken a typical "buyer to breeder" questionnaire and included my answers to help you with YOUR screening process as you select a breeder.
Of course, you are more than welcome to contact me in person and bombard us with questions!

More information

Top most frequently ask questions about Basenjis
Basenji Outreach Program

Our Breeding Program

We breed infrequently. I have spend alot of free time planning my breedings. Health and temperament are my first concerns. Choosing a suitable stud dog is a lengthy process and should not be taken lightly. Both parent's pedigrees are studied for health and soundness. My philosophy is that the ONLY reason to breed is to IMPROVE the breed. Both parents MUST have all their health testing completed as the very basic requirements in breeding. My plan is to only breed every 3-5 years and I already am planning those breedings!

Hand raised with individualized attention

We treat every puppy as an individual and plan to work with them from day one. The more experienes the puppies are introduced to the more well-adjusted they are as adults. I will be following the Monks of New Skete - Art of Raising A Puppy methods. (pronouced "Skeet")
Each puppy will be wormed, vaccinated (1st in a series of 3) and have had it's dewclaws removed before it leaves for it's new home.

From my family to yours

The decision to purchase a puppy is a big one. You will be adding a new member to your family for which you will be responsible for the next 15 years or so. We are here to help you make this very important decision. We want to supply you with as much information as possible so as to help you decide if a Basenji is the right dog for you. We do not believe in forcing people into buying a puppy from us. We are here to help you make an educated decision.

As a prospective owner, we encourage visits, to meet the puppy's parents (where practical), and to visit the puppy as it grows up. Puppies grow up and change so quickly, and we like prospective owners to feel like they are a part of the puppy's development as well.

And when it comes time to take your new family member home you will be given some food to give your puppy for his first few days in his new home, and a booklet with a wide variety of information about things such as Feeding and Diet, Worming and Vaccination, some Basic First Aid hints, and an assortment of various other hints and tips, to help you and your Basenji to settle into your new life together. In short, it's a collection of information about all the sorts of things that we would have loved to have had to refer to when we brought our first Basenji home.

Continued Support

The service that we provide does not end the day that you take the puppy home. You are more than welcome to contact us at any time with any questions you may have related to the puppy - it's diet, health, anything - even if it is only to have a chat and to let us know how junior is doing. And of course photos of puppies purchased from us are always gratefully accepted. Our babies may leave our home, but we never stop caring about them.

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